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Commedia dell'Arte: Masks, masters and servants

Commedia dell'Arte is a humorous graphic adventure experience (10min) for PC Windows, Mac OS X and Linux about theatre and improvisation.


Official Selection, IndieCade Europe 2016
Student Competiton Entrant, Independent Games Festival 2016
Featured on Game Jolt, Playlisted by Kill Screen

Dive into the skin of a young comedian of the XVIIth century, newcomer in an Italian street theatre troupe, embodying the va let Arlecchino in various burlesque situations !

Influence the storyline, and entertain the audience. Interact with various characters and objects, and choose wisely your playing intentions to lead your troupe on the road of success !


A burlesque immersion in a still rare thematic in games : stage acting !

An accessible game with a point-and-click inspired gameplay !

A colorful artistic direction inspired by cut-out animation !

Many hilarious interactions and animations to discover !

Read our Game Concept (french)
Foreword from the main game designer
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Designed and crafted in two months by french students from the ENJMIN and EMCA schools :

Bastien DE L'HERMITE — Game Design , Music, Sound Design
Nicolas LEROY — Programming
Basile BASTIAN — Game Design, Video Editing
Lyne HEHLEN — Animation, 2D Graphics

With the vocal participation of (in order of appearance) : Eloi Duclercq (Arlecchino), Rémi Fusade (Mentor Comedian), Brahim Berkati (The Capitano), Maxime Lidolff (Pantalone), and Alisée Preud'homme (Colombina).

Special Thanks :

Bruno Eckert, artistic director - Cie L'Arbre à Nomades
Cie Marionnettes d'Angoulême - Théâtre de Poche Michel Bélézy
Cnam-ENJMIN - Université de Poitiers - Université de la Rochelle - Campus Image Magelis

Download the game on Game Jolt !

Licenced under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0): http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0

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